School Districts Find A Plan To Make-Up Snow Days

Published 02/17 2014 10:23PM

Updated 02/17 2014 10:31PM

Henderson County students have missed a dozen days so far this school year. Henderson school officials decide how they'll make their snow days up. Henderson County schools must have a minimum of 170 school days, so during the Board of Education meeting they decide how to hopefully get students back on track.

Students all around the Tristate received several extra days 'off' this school year thanks to the snow. School officials know, "We are praying that winter is over," that it's time to make those days up. "All of them want their kids to go safe to school and back. That's one of our main factors when we think about weather," says school official Steve Steiner.

For weeks, Henderson County school officials had to face the decision on whether or not to call off school, but this year's snow and ice left them no choice. The school district ended up canceling twelve full days of classes so far. "Every time we do something with our calendar, or do something different, there are that many students, parents, and grandparents, that are trying to figure out what to do," says Steiner.

Now, school officials ask the Board of Education to help. They asked the board to amend the calendar using a 'teacher work day' on March 7th, to be a school day for students to use as a make-up. The board approved. "The biggest thing staff wise, that we need to be aware of from a parents point of view, is not to overload our students and catch up all at once."

Making up the snow days will not be as bad as students may have thought. "Even though we've missed twelve days, we are only having to add three days, based on how we have our calendar set up," says Steiner. Another obstacle is around the coroner, the school's end of the year K-PREP testing. "Once we get through this winter weather, and we are able to set the date, we choose five consecutive dates," says school official Jinger Carter

For now, testing is set for May 12th - 16th. The last day of school will be May 22nd. School officials say they're hoping to stick to those dates as best they can. "The important thing, now, is to finish our system as close as possible when we told parents originally, when we would end," adds Steiner.

North Gibson County's School Board decides to add an hour onto each school day during the dates of March 3rd through March 10th.

School hours for that week will be 8 A.M. to 4:10 P.M. North Gibson County's last day of school is set for May 22nd.


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