Search Efforts for Missing Woman Take to the Skies

Published 08/25 2014 10:14PM

Updated 08/25 2014 10:26PM

Volunteers in Warrick County are taking the search for missing Boonville woman Kristy Kelley from the ground to the sky.

Today, a small group of volunteers used a drone to look for Kristy.

Search teams launched the drone over private property off Heim Road in Chandler.The location has a barricade at the entrance near Asbury Cemetery Road and hasn't been accessible until now.

Eyewitness News was there as volunteers used technology to help the family.

It can go where they can't. Family members and volunteers in Warrick County are hoping this drone will capture something that will lead them to Kristy Kelley.

"Anything at this point, anything. I would love to find her vehicle. I don't care if it's her purse, a shoe, keychain, anything to give us a lead, as to what has happened to our daughter," Todd Scales said.

The 27-year-old mother of two has been missing for more than a week. She was last seen at the Boonville VFW. Hundreds of people have been searching the entire county day after day. But today, volunteers brought in Alan Wolfinger.

He owns the drone and is searching two open areas in Chandler that are harder to reach.

"This plot of ground, turns out the gate was unlocked for a certain period of time during the time she disappeared so, it's hard to get to so, we were just out here to film it for other purposes and they said why don't you just look around and see if you can find anything," said Alan Wolfinger.

Volunteers say using a drone gives them a birdseye view and helps save man power.

Wolfinger says the drone went up to 700 feet, then back down to 400 feet, and then went lower.

"People on the ground would be necessary when there's tree cover and we can't really see down, through the trees, but if there's open areas, it would take a long time to cover that you can't get to, maybe they could get to with a car," said Alan Wolfinger.

Kristy's family and friends are desperate for answers and are hoping they'll find them from up above.

Volunteers say they did not find anything Monday but they still need to review the video.

They hope other land owners will allow a drone to fly over their property.

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