Search Party Grows Exponentially for Missing Warrick County Woman

Published 08/17 2014 09:50PM

Updated 08/17 2014 10:16PM

"My daughter needs me. She would do this for me. This is awkward for me to be on camera. I am a nervous wreak, but this is my daughter. I will do whatever I have to." Kathy Scales, a grieving mother continues the brave and difficult fight of holding on to hope. At Studio Bee in Boonville search organizers collect pages and pages of names of volunteers searching for Kristy Kelley.

"We had people come from Gibson County who didn't know her, don't even know anybody in the area. Just coming to help because they've heard about it," said friend of Kelley Reagan Fuquay.

Cowering over a map volunteers mark areas that have been combed, making Studio Bee a makeshift search headquarters.

"People could come coordinate, talk about what areas have been searched, where do we need to go? What can we do," said Randy Beard.

Scales says she feels lost and confused, but her faith and the great showing of support from the community has a profound effect on her morale.

"The community, the friends, yes that is powering me. That is giving me the strength to go on," said Scales.

Organizers say over the past two days hundreds have joined in the search, but they are still asking for more. Specifically farmers with remote land and vast fields.

"They know their land better than anybody. Get out there look around. Get out there on your ATV your side-by-side. Get out there and look around," said friend of Kelley Amanda Vollman.

"Someone knows where she's at possibly. If off in a ditch of anything please take that extra moment and look on the side of the road. Please, please I'm begging you from one mother to another mother please do this for me," said Scales.

The search will continue Monday morning at 9:00 at Studio Bee. The Warrick County Sheriff's Office is expected to be there as well.

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