Senator McConnell Denies Reported Shutdown Ultimatum if Re-Elected

Published 08/28 2014 12:01PM

Updated 08/28 2014 12:05PM

Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell
US Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell is denying a report that he would allow another government shutdown if he becomes Senate majority leader next year.
Earlier this month, Politico reported that, if selected majority leader, McConnell plans to tell the President to accept bills reining in the administration's policies, or veto them and risk a government shutdown.
McConnell says that strategy wouldn't work.
Dana Bash of CNN asked, "you absolutely will not allow the government to shut down either in the near future or if you become majority leader?'
Senator McConnell responded, "Of course not. I mean, I'm the guy that's gotten us out of the shutdowns that some of our members have pushed us into in the past. That's a failed policy. It does not mean that you should sent the president a total blank check with no restrictions at all on how the money is spent."
McConnell opposed the last shutdown, fueled by a strategy from his fellow republican Ted Cruz to only fund the government by de-funding Obamacare.

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