Sgt. Michael Cable's Room is Wall to Wall with Letters to Grieving Family

Published 05/26 2014 06:14PM

Updated 05/26 2014 07:06PM

His room is quiet. Assembled as a shrine to help a grieving family. Hundreds of letters addressed to Michael Cable's family letting them know they aren't alone. "I know a lot of people think writing a letter isn't that of big big deal, but it is. When you're going through something like this knowing that people care and that people see him as the hero that he is it makes it better." Wendy Dickens is Michael's older sister. For her Michael's hero's welcome home was overwhelming and the continued support in the months following has been astonishing. "I know that if Michael walked into this room he would fall out. He would just be amazed that this many people know who he is and care about the sacrifice that he made."

The letters range from personal handwritten messages, to printed letters from politicians, including one from the President. But for Wendy it's the paintings of Michael that mean the most to her. There's a saying that time heals all. But Wendy says it's not that simple and there are still certain things that trigger her heartache again. "There's still things that shouldn't bother you that does. Like the song 'God Bless America.' I can't listen to it without crying."

Wendy says she thinks about Michael everyday. On a day like Memorial Day when 'God Bless America' is sure to be played it's especially difficult. However also somewhat comforting to know others are keeping Michael in their thoughts. "It's two sides. It's the honor of knowing that my little brother is being remembered on that day and then it's another sad day because I know that I'd much rather him be here with us."

For most Memorial Day is spent with family. But for some families like Michael Cable's their Memorial Day isn't whole. Although they cannot make new memories with Michael, they can go in his room, open a letter, read the word of gratitude, and remember why he made the ultimate sacrifice. "We were always worried about in the beginning we didn't want him forgotten. I don't worry about that anymore."

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