Sheriff Candidate Admits Mistake, Vows to Correct

Published 04/19 2014 09:11PM

Updated 04/19 2014 09:27PM

It is King's first time running for office. When talking with him on the phone he admitted to his mistake. Calling it just that, an honest mistake.
Tamala Brown is one of the many people in Spencer County who received the letter. An absentee ballot application. What's wrong with it is part of it is already filled out. Brown says she is suspicious of the letter and finds it unfair to the other candidates. "All the other candidates that are running they're affected too. If they're out here campaiging and playing fair and this is going on. This is not fair. To me this is sneaky."
Detective Sergeant Chris King, the Spencer County sheriff candidate who sent out the letters, says there is nothing sneaky about it. Simply an accident he is owning up to. "I've basically had to do another mailer because of it to try to make things right. Which I'm not going to let it go undone. I want to let people know what happened and how to fix it." King says he didn't know he was doing anything wrong. His thought was extra conveniece for voters. "If they didn't want to use that absentee ballot they could've thrown it in the trash. They could've contacted the clerk's office afor one if they wanted one. Basically we weren't trying to get by anyone or throw something past them. We were just trying to make it convienant for the voter to vote if they could not make it to the polls."
He says numbers in the primary are typically very low and this was his way to try to raise them. Since realizing his mistake King says he will send out another letter correcting the first one. "I'm sending a letter explaining what was wrong with the first one and I am sending absentee ballots out that are completely blank. There's nothing at all on them this time."
King calls this incident 'unfortunate' and insists he wasn't trying to be deceptive in anyway. Any application that is sent to the clerk's office from the first round sent out by King will not be valid.

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