Sheriff Responds to Fireworks Complaints

Published 07/03 2014 05:20PM

Updated 07/03 2014 05:22PM

Local law enforcement say they're getting flooded with complaints about people letting fireworks off.

The rules change depending on where you live. In Vanderburgh County, even the sheriff says it can be tough to enforce the fireworks laws because it's hard to track down whether the person is lighting off fireworks in the city limits or in the county.

Sheriff Dave Wedding says, "It's one of those things you kind of relax a little bit because, it's the spirit of the holiday and people are selling these things so people want to use them, people want to relax it. Sometimes when people set them off too late in the night, like eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock, one o'clock in the morning, disturbing the neighbors, then we have to take action because they're a nuisance to the neighborhood. "

Sheriff Wedding says it's important to be safe when lighting off fireworks, make sure younger kids are supervised.

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