Spring Breakers Opt for Staycations & Extra Cash

Published 03/25 2014 10:37AM

Updated 03/26 2014 08:53PM

Evansville, Ind. - It may not feel that way but spring break is in full swing for much of the tristate. Some are traveling to sandy beaches while others are shunning the sun and instead choosing to stay home. Eyewitness news caught up with some hard working teens in Evansville. For spring breakers it's the norm to go away on vacation and visit new places but, for some students in the "River City" it's a time catch up on some much needed rest, work extra hours and save some cash.
"I go on vacation during summer, usually during spring, winter breaks. I try to work as much as I can", says Tayler O'brien.
O'brien won't be taking any exotic vacations this spring break.
"I just need the money going to college next year , I found this is a good way to do it", he added.
The eighteen year old and his co-worker Brayden Stallings are pulling in some extra hours at Walthers Golf & Fun.
"I'm trying to save as much money as I can for a car and just general stuff" said Stallings.
While their classmates may be working on their tan; these two are looking ahead to college and all the expenses that follow.
"Especially with gas and cars and everything like that's why I need extra money", added O'brien.
"I'm getting more work experience and I'm having a fun time while I'm here" says KayLee Warren.
The Castle High senior says her plans for the break are a little different than her peers who are traveling; but she says she has much more to gain. 
"I think it really teaches responsibility cause you have to work for your money it's not always fun to work but I definitely think it builds character", Warren added.
Warren chose to work at the Y-M-C-A Spring Break Camp; a popular alternative for children whose parents have to work during the break.
Parents drop their kids at the center where they can attend daily field trips and engage in arts and crafts.


Report by Fadia Patterson


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