Still Searching: Friends, Family, Volunteers Again Search for Joelle Lockwood

Published 08/24 2014 10:47PM

Updated 08/24 2014 10:54PM

Spanning two states and three counties, friends, family and strangers scoured the Tri-State searching for any sign of Joelle Lockwood. The clues may have been elusive so far but her family's determination has not waned.

Lockwood was last seen near Pigeon Creek in Evansville in early July.

Earlier this month, the White County, Illinois Sheriff's Office searched a remote area of the county for any sign of lockwood but the search came up empty.

More than thirty volunteers returned to the area to search again on Sunday. Amanda Crowe, a family friend, said a person of interest in the case has property in the area. She feels strongly that Lockwood could be there.

Dennis Lampert, a man that has never spoken with Lockwood, joined in Sunday's search. Lampert's daughter went missing last December. She was found more than three months later in the Ohio River, Lampert said.

Lampert said his decision to help in the search efforts was made in an effort to offer any comfort to the family.

"I'd cry awhile then I'd get mad awhile, then I'd cry awhile and then get mad awhile," Lampert said. "You just miss them so bad and you want to know what happened to them. Whether it's good or bad you've got to have the closure of finding them."

 Volunteers looked around the area by foot and by ATV. They searched wooded areas around the Little Wabash River, placing fliers anywhere they could.

Searchers said they found some articles of clothing and some suspicious burn piles. However, there wasn't anything definitive into Lockwood's disappearance.

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