Storms Cause Tree to Smash into Boonville Man's Van

Published 05/12 2014 06:27PM

Updated 11/21 2014 12:44PM

(Boonville, Indiana) - Friday's storm wrecked the city of Boonville with downed power lines and debris. Folks are now trying to cleanup and move on.

"I got to the door and I heard the tree crackling," Aaron King describes a moment he will not soon forget. "Then, it just came down on top of my van," he added.

Friday's storms in Boonville brought heavy rains, lightning and high winds. King was home watching mother nature's roar; all from his front window.

"I was shocked! I was in a state of shock," he says.

A large tree limb snapped, falling and totaled his van. He says it's a nerve racking experience. His only mode of transportation, gone in an instant.

"It smashed it like a pancake. It was powerful!" 

Powerful is what many residents are calling the storm that caught them by surprise. Mike Warren spent the day cleaning debris out of the yard of his tenant.

"It would just make me cry to see my house smashed by a big ole tree [SIC]," says Warren.

In the midst of their own storm folks were giving a helping hand, he added. King has since replaced his crushed van with a new car, but he wouldn't trade in his dependable neighbors who chipped in to help clean the mess left behind by the storm.

"They've been great! They've been supportive really", said King.

Many Boonville residents tell us, they did not hear sirens on Friday. Warrick County dispatch tells us they set the sirens off at 4:35 p.m. Soon after, they say they lost power, so they had to operate with a generator in a "Brown Out" state. This means they had limited power and limited communication through dispatch.

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