Students Contact Astronaut on International Space Station

- An exciting day for Evansville Day School students. They got to send their questions beyond the atmosphere.

With help from the amateur radio society, students were able to contact the International Space Station and talk to one of the astronauts on board. Teachers at Evansville Day School say the kids were excited about this opportunity. 11 students were chosen to ask their own questions this morning. 

They came with questions about life in space. And some students were curious about other things. These Evansville Day School students are learning about space at the Evansville Museum. They had a 10 minute window to talk with an American astronaut on the International Space Station.

"I asked if, what activities were difficult in microgravity that were simple in the Earth's gravity," said 6th grader Samuel McGuire. "He said that it was all difficult, and that everything was really hard to do in space."  

Students learned about NASA and say the astronaut told them the Earth is really small.

"I had always been interested in space," said 12th grader Helen Fox, "and I really wanted to get a real life answer because something like that you can't just Google. So, it was awesome to be able to talk to an astronaut. I felt really honored to be able to represent Day School in this awesome experience."

Teachers hope getting to talk to someone out of this world will make these students more excited about science. 

"Even kids who aren't necessarily geeks you know, way into science already," said biology teacher Dr. Tracy Conklin, "they were interested by what we did. And I just hope more of them express interest in getting into science and engineering and math."
This isn't the school's first contact with NASA. Last year, students got to go up in the reduced gravity aircraft and experience microgravity for themselves.

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