Study: More $300 Million to Build I-69 & I-67 Thru Owensboro

Published 05/31 2014 10:11PM

Updated 05/31 2014 10:26PM

More than $300 million. According to a study by Palmer Engineering that's what it will cost to connect I-69 and I-67 to I-65 through Owensboro.
Some are looking forward to the convenience of an interstate. "It's just one clear shot there instead of alternate routes. It makes it easier and less confusing for everybody," said Nathan Robinson.

While others are looking at the potential economic impact on Owensboro. "I think that Owensboro needs that because it's growing. Owensboro is always looking for a way to grow," said Ann Thomas.

According to the study the Audubon Parkway would only cost $14 million because it is already close to interstate standard. However raising U.S. 60 bypass to connect it to the Natcher Parkway will cost around $75 million. To extend that to I-65 in Bowling Green via the Natcher Parkway would cost as much as $148 million. For some it's worth it. "A new road always generates money," said Thomas.

On the east side of Owensboro the study estimates creating an I-67 corridor out of U.S. 60 and U.S. 231 would cost $177 million. Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne has been advocating running I-69 over the Natcher Bridge since it is already interstate ready and would not require an estimated $1.4 billion bridge to connect Evansville to Henderson.

These estimations are subject to change.

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