Teens Face Tanning Restrictions In Indiana

Published 02/27 2014 10:35PM

Updated 02/27 2014 10:42PM

Summer is on the horizon, and it's causing flocks of people to make their way to the tanning salon. When it comes to getting those rays, should there be an age restriction? This week Indiana lawmakers push a bill forward that would ban teenagers under sixteen from tanning.

Indiana lawmakers push a bill forward that would shut the door on tanners under the age of sixteen. "Most all of my friends go tanning. They probably wouldn't be very happy." The bill still has a few steps to go before it is a law, but teens are already sounding off. "I don't think it's really fair," says fifteen year old Annelee Powell. She says she enjoys tanning, but does it responsibly. "I don't tan everyday. I probably tan twice a week, and I put on lotion to help . It's not like I do it all the time," says Powell.

Powell says getting some rays, with the help of a tanning bed, should be a parent's decision if you are a minor, her mother, Teresa Powell, agrees. "I'm a parent and I really think it should be up to the parent. I should be able to say when she tans or not. I understand the reasoning behind it, but I think it should be up to the parent." Currently in Indiana, that is the case. Minors are allowed to tan, if they have a parent or guardian's written consent. The bill would change that, and teens like Annelee might have to find a different way to get their glow. "There's other alternatives. It's not a dead end for under sixteen year old girls anymore. They are still going to look great for pageants and spring breaks, just get a spray tan," says Powell.

"I know a lot of parents are already asking me, do you have to check their ID. Yes, we do." Brianna Perry says her customers are already raising questions at the possibility some teens may no longer be allowed to tan. "It is a good idea, but I believe it is the parents discretion," says Perry. She says her customers at Urban Rays, on Evansville's West side, range in all ages. She says an age restriction could make her job a little less 'sunny' at the tanning salon. "If it would go through, I think it would be more complicated." The gift of a golden glow for teens, may have to wait until later.

The bill will now head to the full Senate for approval.


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