Tense 911 Calls of Officer-Involved Shooting Released

Published 04/29 2014 06:12PM

Updated 04/29 2014 06:22PM

The suspect remains in the hospital. The two officers are back on the job. But, for the first time, we hear from the victim as authorities release the 911 call from last week's officer-involved shooting on the southeast side.

As Eyewitness News reported Monday, Internal Affairs detectives with the Evansville Police Department determined the officer's use of force in the April 22nd incident were 'reasonable' according to Sgt. Jason Cullum. Now, authorities have released the 911 call of the incident. The suspect, Terry Daugherty, tried to commit suicide by cop, according to Sgt. Cullum. Daugherty's estranged ex-wife, the woman who placed the 911 call, provides almost a play-by-play of what happened.


What that brief moment in time felt like is only known by four people. Those people are two Evansville Police officers, Terry Daugherty and Daugherty's estranged ex-wife.

"Terry just got bonded out of jail and he's wanting to run," Daugherty's ex-wife said on the first 911 call. "He's wanting the title [to my truck] right now. [He said] by the time you call the law, I will kick that door in and I'll come in and cut your throat so bad I'll cut your head off."

The woman then drove to her house in the 2000-block of Pollack Ave. When she arrived, however, she said Daugherty was waiting for her. Daugherty was ordered not to contact the woman after he was arrested a week prior for allegedly beating and strangling her in the presence of their child. After spending 72-hours on suicide watch, Daugherty bonded out of jail.

The woman called 911 again.

"He's in his truck in the lot next to our garage and he's on the phone, trying to beep in as I'm talking to you," Daugherty's ex-wife said. "I've got tons of texts that he's ready to run. He's got these charges coming up and he's getting ready to run."

Ten seconds later, according to the 911 call, Evansville Police Officers David Smith and Aaron McCormick, both 8-year veterans, arrived on scene. When they pulled up, Daugherty was holding two large knives, according to police. The two officers immediately told him to drop the weapons, police said.

Daugherty didn't.

What happened next, police said, took less than 60 seconds.

Here is a transcript of the 911 call during that moment.

Caller: Oh he's taking off. He's flooring it. He's running.
Dispatcher: He's running in the vehicle?
Caller: Running on foot. The cop just took off down the street and floored it. They got the guns out. They got the guns out!
Caller: [screaming in the background] Get in the house!
Dispatcher: Yeah, get your kids in the house.
Caller: They got the guns out. They shot him.
Dispatcher: What?
Caller: They're shooting!
Dispatcher: They're shooting at him?
Caller: Yea, he told me when we pulled up that he's going to die. He's not going to jail. He said they're going to have to shoot him.  

One of the officers fired two shots, hitting Daugherty once in the chest. They immediately started giving him first aid, police said. Several other police units arrived on scene shortly thereafter. Once the scene became flooded with police officers and paramedics, reality sank in.

"I told [Terry] over and over and over and over again; leave, leave," Daugherty's ex-wife said. "He says that when the cops pull up he's not leaving. They're going to have to kill him dead in the driveway.

Daugherty has been formally charged with this latest incident. He remains in the hospital under police surveillance.

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