Text Messages Between Murder Suspects Just Before Nelson's Death

Published 03/11 2014 06:43PM

Updated 03/11 2014 07:20PM

Defense attorney Mark Phillips argued that probable cause was not established in charging his client David Lackey with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Phillips questioned Lieutenant Bryan Flowers of the Warrick County Sheriff's Office for more than an hour asking why information about Kelli Wyrick was withheld until now.
Wyrick was arrested over the weekend in relation to the murder investigation. Both defense attorneys Phillips and Anthony Long spent much of today again accusing Prosecutor Joanne Krantz of witholding information. "Here we're left to guess what they have and what they don't have and the myriad of information we've been provided there's not one police report, not one," said Phillips.

Judge Robert Aylsworth ordered the prosecutor's office to give the defense police reports as they become available. Whether a recording of the prosecutor's confidential informant will be made available is still in question. "Confidential informant, I've never seen one in a homicide case," said Anthony Long.

Kelli Wyrick, Mathew McCallister's fiance, was also in court. She faces several charges including assisting a criminal. Court records show Wyrick also apparently assisted investigators by turning over text messages between the murder suspects and Joseph Nelson.

According to a probable cause affidavit around 1:30 in the morning on February 17th David Lackey text McCallister "wit him. Jus want to tell ya that I'm wit ur (expletive) 100%"

Less than an hour later Nelson text McCalister ''Look bubba...I didnt mean to upset anyone...I would never do anything to deliberately bring harm to u or your family."

Mathew McCallister sent a text to Nelson saying "You and Kelli play around like that sometimes don't you." Kelli, meaning McCallister's fiance. N

Nelson responded "No sir bub...I've never laid a finger on ur old lady and I never wuld unless u okay'd it first. But its hard to bring up such things."

Minutes later Lackey sent a text to McCallister, "Still same plan in truk"

McCallister responded "Yep."

A few hours later Joseph Nelson was found dead on a coal conveyor belt at Alcoa's power plant.
Kelli Wyrick is due back in court on Monday. Stigall and Lackey are due back in court next month.

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