The Search Continues On For Missing Boonville Woman

Published 08/19 2014 09:16PM

Updated 08/19 2014 09:24PM

Four agonizing days have gone by since the disappearance of missing Boonville woman, Kristy Kelley.

Family and friends continue their search.

The numbers have told the story. Hundreds this week have joined in for an 'all hands on deck' search for the missing mother of two.

"Everybody needs to make sure if you do find anything to stay put, call dispatch, and don't leave until they get there," advises a search organizer.

"Basically, we are out here for the family. That's the number one reason. Helping the family find some closure, and get them some information that they don't have yet. That's the whole reason," says Matt Mitchell.

Family friend, and volunteer, Matt Mitchell, says tonight the search expands.

They will leave Boonville and head out to New Harmony road, searching surrounding towns for any trace of Kelley.

"We're covering any place that you can constantly think of," says Mitchell.

They hop on their ATVs and head out. Mitchell says they know the area well.

"Even though the video clip from Tasty Freeze showed her going in another direction, you can always circle back," says Mitchell.

The long hours have now turned into days, but Mitchell says their search efforts will not tire.

"We know that if we were in this situation, we would want them to do the same," says Mitchell.

It's a search ranging from four wheels, to four legs.

"When she's at home, or I just have a leash on her walking her, she's just a dog. But, once you put a harness on her, she's all business and she's very smart," says Drew Sampson.

Sampson says he and his blue tick hound, Maggie, are a part of EM K9 Search, a local group.

"When I first got a dog, I wanted to give it some kind of job," says Sampson.

Sampson says when he heard about Kelley's disappearance, he knew he and Maggie had to help.

"So many people have been here helping out, people from out of town. It's just amazing what the community is doing," says Sampson.

Many says this is one of the most organized searches.

The headquarters for volunteers, family, and friends has been Studio Bee in Boonville, IN.

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