"There was a man standing across the street hollering 'I've been shot'"

Published 08/09 2014 10:09PM

Updated 08/09 2014 10:14PM

"There was a man standing across the street hollering 'I've been shot.'" Neighbors on Mattingly Drive received quite a shock around one o'clock Saturday morning.

The neighbor we talked with did not want to be identified, but says she was in her living room with the front door open when the incident started.

"Couldn't see much out here. I just heard people out here and then I just heard a quick pop. It wasn't loud. It almost sounded like a cap gun. It was pretty quiet. I hollered at my son and said I think somebody has been shot."

Henderson Police say 26 year old Nicholas Rager shot 37 year old Charles Stewart in the stomach, then drove off. Neighbors say Stewart was surprisingly calm considered his fresh wound.

"The man (Stewart) just took off walking. He walked on down the street."

The neighbor says after police arrived Stewart simply asked for a chair.

"He didn't seem hysterical. Maybe he was in shock."

Police did not say why Rager allegedly shot Stewart and neighbors say they don't know either, but with the amount of children in the area the incident hits too close to home.

"Of course now I guess they go in a little earlier with school going on, but in the summer time there's nothing for them to be out at ten o'clock at night playing basketball out here."

Neighbors say the street is typically active at night, but nothing like this has happened before and to help prevent it from happening again neighbors say they would like to see more lighting on the street.

"I just hope nothing like that ever happens again."

Henderson Police say they arrested Rager shortly after the incident. He is being held on charges of first degree assault and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Neighbors say they have been in contact with Stewart and he is expected to survive, however this has not been confirmed by officials.

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