Thousands Of Warrick County Votes Not Counted

Published 03/03 2014 09:58PM

Updated 03/03 2014 10:08PM

3,700, that's the amount of early-cast votes Warrick County officials say were not counted in the 2012 General Election. The clerk's office says a technician with the company Micro Vote, made an error.

Micro Vote is an Indianapolis based company. One of their technicians inadvertently uploaded absentee votes incorrectly. The Warrick County clerk's office says, the mistake didn't effect any election results.

Warrick County Clerk, Sarah Redman, Warrick County Democrat's Central Committee Chairperson, Kevin Derr, and President of the Warrick County Election Board, Rick Martin, all gather in light of a major error that caused 3,700 votes in the county to not be counted. Among them, the woman who discovered the error one night at home. "For reasons that I am unable to explain to myself, let alone any body else, I sat down with the Greer voter history report, and counted," says Pat King. King is the Warrick County Democrat precinct woman.

King says she went down the rows counting the number of people who voted in Greer Township for the 2012 General Election. "I took my total and compared it to the precinct summary report that came out of the Micro Vote machines, and low and behold, they didn't match."

King reached out to County Clerk, Sarah Redman. Redman asked the company Micro Vote, who services Warrick County's electronic voting machines, to run an audit. That is how they found the source of the problem. "Their technician had made an error," says King.

The Micro Vote technician made a procedural mistake in the way he loaded votes into the system. The error, however, did not alter any election results. "The only thing that happened was the margin by which republican candidates won, got bigger," says King. Redman says they're working with the Secretary of State's Office on the matter, but no matter what party you cast your vote for, they gather to ensure voters continue to trust the system. "While voting is a political thing, this is not politics." says Derr. "This isn't a republican issue, or a democrat issue, or a political issue," says Martin. "I want everybody to know, that as soon as we were aware that there was a situation, we acted quickly, we acted with bipartisan, and we are working together to come up with a resolution to make sure this doesn't happen again," adds Redman.

Redman says they still have faith in their election equipment, because this was a human error.












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