Thunderstorms Strike The Tristate

Published 05/09 2014 09:59PM

Updated 05/09 2014 10:14PM

"It looked like a tornado when I looked out my window because you just see the rain, it was vertical, it was scary."

It was no tornado. Parts of the tristate get hit hard by a severe thunderstorm. The storm carried heavy rains, damaging winds, all leaving behind destruction.

"I was scared to death," says Bobbi Burns. Burns is clerk at the Circle K gas station on Highway 41 in Evansville, an area where the storm decided to strike. "I looked up and it was just complete vertical rain." Burns says the storm blew by fast.

Tonight many across the tristate are left with the damages. "Trees down, the power lines were down, there were some sparks," says Burns. Those sparks were a power line dangling over Highway 41 and Petersburgh Road. That intersection is just feet away from the gas station. Officials attempt to direct traffic, while semi trucks attempt to drive under the dangerously low line.

"We are still missing a trash can, and our canopy didn't survive too well," says Burns. The storm didn't spare the gas station or other parts of Evansville. For miles, the stoplight's along 41 were out, and traffic started to pile up. Homes along Oak Hill Road were left with trees split in their yards, and limbs stuck in power lines.

At Flair Molded Plastics, off Lynch Road, a giant piece of roof was ripped off and stuck on a power line. At the T.J. Maxx Distribution Center, the utility poles fall in a row. "Everything started going crazy. We came outside, saw a bunch of trees, and brush all over the road. People are kind of at a loss," says witness Trinidad Bautista.

The calm before the storm, leaves mess and destruction after it passes.

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