Tina Stein Speaks with Protesters in Ferguson

Published 08/15 2014 05:40PM

Updated 08/15 2014 06:01PM

Eyewitness News Tina Stein has been in Missouri all day and continues our coverage from Ferguson.

Tension still very high in Ferguson, Missouri. This is what's considered ground zero, a convenience store burned by looters earlier this week.

The information we're getting comes from our network. So, we wanted to talk to people ourselves about what we're going through. And what we're finding even the smallest citizens getting involved in an issue that's become a racial divide.

There is a lot of distrust in Ferguson Police, distrust being taught at a young age. The crowd is not dissipating as tempers flare even more with police saying mike brown was wanted for a robbery at this now burned out convenience store.

That information released in conjunction with revealing the officer's name who pulled the trigger. Looters have damaged several businesses in the area. Some say that's a necessary price for bringing people together in tragedy.

While a lot of anger is being directed at police, Tamar Hodges wanted her son to learn a different way. She drove more than an hour to bring seven year-old Jaden to her hometown.

Missouri State Highway Patrol is now heading up crowd control. Troopers mostly absent during daylight. A time that's been typically peaceful this week. At night, violence erupts. Colonel Ron Repogle tells me at times, officers have removed their name badges as a safety precaution. Protesters want more transparency and say they're frustrated with how long it's taken to get this latest information. It's already been almost a week since Mike Brown was shot and killed. People have been out here all week chanting with signs. And a steady stream of horns honking in support. Protesters feel it's peaceful right now and hope with the Missouri's State Highway Patrol, it will stay that way after dark.

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