Tips for Avoiding Dining Out Meltdowns

Published 02/11 2014 01:00PM

Updated 02/11 2014 01:07PM

Jennifer Chappell, Green River District Health Department, HANDS

Tips for Dining Out With Toddlers

Select a child-friendly restaurant
Bring a small container filled with quiet special toys and books
Find a table away form crowds and noise
Keep a container with snacks
Ask for child’s meal to be brought asap/complementary crackers/bread
Have family/friend walk around w/ fussy child
Don’t expect a long, quiet, leisurely dinner out
At toddler age, establish a few age-appropriate rules
Be aware of allergens/ Smoking Rules/ dress attire : )
Go when child is less likely to be irritable

What To Bring

Snacks/baby food
Wet clothes
Change of clothes/diaper
Special toys/books
Plastic table mat
Mat for changing diaper
Plastic bag for dirty items
Crayon/notepad for older children
Security toy/blanket/pacifier

Duct Tape Crayon Roll Activity

Supplies Needed:
Various Rolls of Duct Tape
Cutting Mat
Ruler/Tape measure
Cutting tool/scissors/razor

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