President Obama in Efforts to Curb Immigration Crisis from the Source

Published 07/25 2014 12:59PM

Updated 07/25 2014 01:22PM

White House officials say, even though the President has been out of Washngton for  a few days, the administration is still working to solve the border crisis.
But, there does not appear to be any agreement on the horizon.
Republicans can tweak a loophole in the law that offers unaccompanied minors an enticement, of special legal status.
Texas Governor Rick Perry is even calling for the National Guard to be deployed on the border.
Meanwhile, a new CNN/ORC poll finds the public clamoring for change.
74% say of those surveyed say it's extremely or very important for the US to deal with illegal immigration.
That's a 10 point jump over last year.
Friday, President Obama meets with the Presidents of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.
Obama wants the leaders to send a stronger message to their citizens to stop coming to the US illegally.
In return those leaders want financial assistance.
But, without that border bill they may not get it. 

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