Rand Paul Suggests Housing Immigrants at Fort Knox

Published 07/21 2014 10:31PM

Updated 07/21 2014 10:32PM

A well-known military installation could be used to house immigrants. One possibility officials are considering is Fort Knox in Kentucky. Senator Rand Paul brought up the possibility during a speech in Louisville today.

With the huge influx of young migrants from Central America crossing into the United States, authorities have been dealing with a crisis trying to house them all until they can be processed by immigration courts. Paul says part of the problem is poor border security.

"Right now the border is completely wide open," said Paul. "Anybody can walk across, and in fact, we've made it such that if you walk across and you're not from Mexico, they're actually going to be shipping them, looks like, to Fort Knox. The facility has been identified for potential use. It's not available until September."

Officials say the Army post will have space available this Fall. At that point, the Department of Health and Human Services would determine if additional space is still needed.

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