St. Louis Protest Continues and Police are Involved in Another Shooting

Published 08/13 2014 11:56AM

Updated 08/13 2014 12:07PM

 Another police officer is involved in a shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.
It happened around 1:00am Wednesday morning.
St. Louis County Police sat they received a call about 4 to 5 men, armed with shotguns and wearing ski masks.
It's being reported that one of the responding officers shot and critically wounded one of the men, after he allegedly pointed a gun at him.
 Earlier this week a Sunday vigil for Michael Brown, ended with looting and clashes with police.
The violence continued Monday and Tuesday.
Protestors are calling for the name of the officer who killed brown to be released. They want him to be fired and charged with murder. 
Now, community leaders are urging the public to avoid letting their anger turn to violence.
Benjamin Crump, The attorney for the Brown family, said, “Michael Brown Jr.'s life mattered, and if we don't stand up for our children, nobody else will stand up for our children. So we've got to be willing to fight for our children, and if need be, die for our children because they are our children. And they've got to know that their dreams matter, that their values matter, that their aspirations matter just as important as any other children matter."
Federal civil rights investigators and the FBI are now looking into this controversial case. Today's 2nd shooting is also currently under investigation.

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