UN Considers Demanding Cease-fire Near Flight 17 Crash Site

Published 07/21 2014 01:31PM

Updated 07/21 2014 05:07PM

The international rallying cries for justice are getting louder, 4 days after a passenger plane was brought down by a missile in Ukraine.
The global community is worried about the unexamined crash site. Concern rises over growing evidence pointing toward Russian 
Nearly 200 bodies from flight 17 have been moved to refrigerated rail cars.
The pro-Russian rebels controlling the area say they're transporting the bodies to a nearby village for storage.
But, 4 days after the tragedy, the crash site, and all the evidence, still remain unexamined.
Australia Prime Minister, Tony Abbott says,  "We want to retrieve the bodies. We want to investigate the site. And we want to punish the guilty."
In a statement released overnight, Putin said: "Everything must be done to ensure the safety of international experts on the 

scene" of the crash site.
Meanwhile, the US continues building a case against the rebels and Russia.
That includes evidence of a detected missile launch from a rebel held area at the time flight 17 disappeared from radar.
The UN Security Council is considering a resolution demanding access to the plane crash site and cease-fire around the area.

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