Transportation Officials Warn Drivers To 'Turn Around'

Published 04/03 2014 10:22PM

Updated 04/03 2014 10:28PM

The threat of severe weather plagues the Tristate, and it's causing dangerous conditions for drivers. Transportation officials close several roads across parts of Western Kentucky.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says, when it comes to rain, you should take the warning signs seriously. The cabinet continues to use a simple phrase they hope will keep you safe, but say it's up to you to be a cautious.

'Turn around, don't drown,' it's simple and catchy, but the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says the phrase is meant to keep you safe. "I hope everybody was safe, but one car was actually flipped over." Dr. Ali Kanbar says he saw first hand the danger flood waters cause, after a car slid off the road. "With the weather getting worse, people should be careful." Kanbar says he appreciates transportation official's warning. "Stay at home. Unless you really, really, have to. Unless other people's lives depend on you, you don't have to do it. Everything can wait."

Transportation officials say every two to three years a life is lost, because someone took a risk. "I learned not to mess around with mother nature." Charlene Trussel says she once took a risk. When the sign said 'turn around' she drove on. "One time I got lucky and went through it, so I thought I will try it a second time. It's not advisable," says Trussel. Learning her lesson, Trussel warns drivers to stay safe. "Do not go and try it. Even though it looks like fun, it's very dangerous."

"It's flooded pretty bad." For some, dangerous conditions are close to home. "Oh it gets pretty high. They shut the road down when it gets bad enough," says Timothy Hill. He and his family live near a road that officials regularly close in rainy conditions. Though they are used to the conditions, Hill says always follow the advice on the sign. "You should pay attention to them. They have it closed off for a reason, so you shouldn't drive down them."

Transportation officials say most flooding happens to the same roads around the area.

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