Traveling City Hall Teaches Kids About Gun Safety

Published 07/12 2014 09:11PM

Updated 07/12 2014 09:21PM

Evansville kids are learning how to stop and think before playing with a loaded weapon on the street.

It was part of the city's Traveling City Hall meeting at Eastland Mall.
The meeting featured a presentation on the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program which teaches kids what to do if they find a gun.

Evansville Police say teaching them what to do prevents them from doing something wrong.

"We've had several cases in the past year where people have been running from the police, and they throw their gun in a yard, or a parking lot, or across the street. And we're just afraid some little kid is going to find one of these, and think that it's a toy or start playing with a friend," said Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin.

Police say they haven't had many cases recently of kids harming themselves with found weapons - but there have been several cases across the country.

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