Tristate Storm Leaves Trail Of Damage

Published 06/23 2014 11:35PM

Updated 06/23 2014 11:43PM

Storms sweep through the tristate leaving behind a trail of damage in some areas.

As fast as the rain and powerful winds came, they were gone leaving many left to clear up the destruction.

Several power lines and limbs were down across the city, and for one Evansville home, a tree crashes into it.

"The wind was blowing, the water was coming, then I heard this crack," says Racheal Shahan.

That crack Racheal Shahan heard was this large tree collapsing onto her neighbor's home on Fourth Avenue in Evansville.

"I saw the storm coming, but I didn't know it was going to be as bad as it was," says Shahan.

The home owners didn't want to talk on camera. They told me they were inside when the tree crashed down, but thankfully no one one was injured. Shahan is thankful her home was not damaged. "Could've been anybody."

She says she started to see a lot of lightning in the area, and that's when she went inside her home for safety. "I think it was more lightening, because it was burnt up there, in-between where it cracked, and it's cracked in the middle too."

When a tree limb blocked a west side road, some good Samaritans decide to take matters in their own hands.

"If we see a tree down, we always try to help the city out, help the people out, and get it all cleaned up," says Carl Snyder.

Carl Snyder and his son Isaiah say they were on their way home when the storm hit.

"We were inside Wal-Mart, so we didn't even know it was raining," says Snyder.

They spotted this damage on Wabash Avenue. Snyder says he lives near by, so they decided to clean the limbs up. "It helps the city workers out, people can get places safely, it's just better for everybody really," says Snyder.

After a little elbow grease and help from his son, about ten minutes later the roadway was clear.

Evansville was not the only city to have suffered damage. In Jasper, Indiana officials say strong winds blew out paneling at the middle school gym.

Officials say no one was in the building when it happened, but the damage leaves a nearly twenty by thirty foot hole on the gym's west side.

The Jasper Fire Chief says the damage does not effect any summer activities planned inside the middle school's gym.

The home that had a tree fell on it, the homeowners say they are still able to live there, and have contacted the city to clean it up.

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