Tristate Suffers Winter Blues This Spring

Published 03/25 2014 10:14PM

Updated 03/25 2014 10:20PM

The weather is making it easy to forget it's spring. Many say it's hard to be patient when spring still has them wearing winter coats and staying indoors.

You might hear a pin drop along the sidewalks of Evansville. No one was outside walking today, or sitting. It may be the first days of spring, but it doesn't seem like it.

"It's crazy. Its supposed to be spring by now." Many people like, Corbin Schmitz, are tired of the winter time blues, and having to spend their days indoors. "I just miss sports, outside sports, and things like that. I miss being able to enjoy the weather outside," says Schmitz. He says this week is his spring break, but there's nothing 'spring' about it. "Just actually be spring time for a change. It's too cold for it being March. Just be warm," he asks.

"The only tan I'm going to get, is just chaffing from the wind," says local high school teacher Tony Aiken. He is also on break this week. "I think everybody is just ready for a change." Aiken says for some students this week, it's sun and sand, but for him, it's hot coffee and sweaters. "I'd like to wear shorts and short sleeves for a while, you know, sandals."

Short sleeves, shorts, and sandals are also on the minds of store owners at Paul's Menswear. "It happens almost every year, but this year just seems a little more drastic," says Shawn Eickhoff. She says their new spring items are on the racks, waiting to be sold. The winter clothes are still hanging up beside the spring clothes though. "It's so bitter cold, and then we get teased with some really nice warmer weather. This morning we get teased again," says Eickhoff.

Dark winter coats, or bright spring shorts, it's still up in the air until spring is here to stay. "It will get better, it will be coming, and it will get better. We will be ready, we are ready"

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