Truck Hits House in Ohio County

Published 02/24 2014 05:29PM

Updated 02/24 2014 05:37PM

A truck slams into a home in Ohio County, leaving the people inside the house wondering how they survived.

It happened Sunday night on Silver Beach Road in Hartford. Ohio County Sheriff's Deputies say Brent M. Geary of Hartford lost control of his truck, left the road, rolled several times, then hit a house. The couple wasn't seriously hurt. But Geary and his passenger, Timmy R. Griffin, also of Hartford, were taken to the hospital.

This was a light post.

"We have our security light on top of that," says Thomas Crowe, whose house was hit by a truck Sunday night.  Crowe was feeling secure at home that night.

"It sounded like a thunderstorm coming down from top of the hill," he says. "And it just got louder and louder."

It wasn't what he thought it was.

"Next thing you know, everything went kind of black and everything came flying right at us," Crowe recalls.

The house wasn't struck by lightning, but by a truck around 6:30 PM Sunday.  Investigators say the driver lost control, went airborne, rolled over, and hit Crowe's home, in the room he and his wife were watching TV in.

"I just wanted to make sure my wife sitting beside me was O.K. and she wasn't saying anything for a little bit," he says. "Then I'd seen her react, so I knew she was still there. Luckily it wasn't on top of us. It was close."

But all this could've been much worse. The Crowes say they wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for a light post.

"Well, that's what our concern is is as hard as it hit the house, that post might have made a difference," Thomas says.

He adds that post the truck hit before hitting the house could be the difference between life and death. And that post, with its security light, keeps them seeing through the rebuilding of their house to what it once was.  Ohio County Sheriff David Thompson says alcohol was a contributing factor in the collision.

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