Two People Rescued From Flood Waters

Published 02/09 2014 08:21PM

Updated 02/09 2014 08:23PM

Eyewitness news was on the scene as two people were rescued from flood waters this evening near Ellis Park in Henderson.

Shortly after 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon, authorities say the two people were swept away as they tried to drive through  a flooded road near the horse track.

Officials say the pair was trying to cash in their tickets at Ellis park but became stranded. When Henderson emergency crews arrived hey were standing on their car. Crews initially tried to use a larger boat to reach them but because the water was so shallow, rescue crews had to use a smaller one.

Officials say drivers should always use their better judgment.

"You don't know what the road condition is underneath the water," said Corporal Carroll Morrow of the Henderson County Sheriff's Office. "You don't know how deep the water is and like these people here, you get so far in the water. Once [the car] starts floating there's nothing you can do about it "

The couple was safely bought back to land. They were loaded into an ambulance and sent to Methodist Hospital to get checked out.

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