Undercover Videotape Shows Planned Parenthood Staffer Talking Rough Sex and Role Play

Published 06/11 2014 06:02PM

Updated 06/11 2014 10:27PM

Planned Parenthood is back in the spotlight after a new video is recorded  and released by a pro-life group.

The undercover video was taken by a group called “Live Action” from inside a Planned Parenthood in Indianapolis.

A staffer is seen counseling a woman, who's actually an actress posing as a 15-year-old with her 17 year-old boyfriend. The employee tells them how to have rough sex.

She explains sadomasochism, the purposeful inclusion of pain in intercourse, to the young couple. She proceeds to even promote it on several occasions.

The staffer randomly discusses sex toys, pornography, role play and even picking up a copy of "50 shades of Grey."

This is the first in a series of videos released by the group "Live action" in a campaign to get Planned Parenthood de-funded.
Betty Cockrum, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky gave us this statement:

        "Patient health and safety is our first priority. Earlier today, a group opposed to our mission and services publicized a video that includes a secretly recorded encounter of a Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky (PPINK) employee answering a patient's questions about sexual activity. While the heavy editing of this video makes it impossible to know the full exchange that took place, this video clearly does not reflect our professional standards or training protocols, and this staff member is no longer employed at PPINK.  Because we respect privacy and this is a personnel matter, we will not provide further comment on this individual."

         "This video does not reflect the work our dedicated employees do every day, nor the experience shared by parents and teens who participate in our programs."

         "The goal of the persons behind this video campaign is to stop people from getting the services and programs offered by Planned Parenthood, including sexual health information. We are here to ensure that persons of all ages may ask us anything and know that they will get accurate, medically based answers; and we know we have provided generations of young people with the tools and information they need to make well-informed responsible decisions."

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