Union Workers Picket Outside EVSC Administration Building

Published 07/08 2014 09:21PM

Updated 07/08 2014 09:29PM

In a time when petitions are signed online and blogs are where people vent frustrations...Teamsters Local 215 members take an old school approach to grab attention and a few honks. "We certainly respect their right to be there and have no problem with that at all." EVSC Superintendent David Smith says at the moment contract negotiations have stalled. "Frankly there are no talks scheduled. We haven't had official negotiations for some time."
Teamsters Local 215 President Chuck Whobrey says the crux of the labor disagreement lies with Dr. Smith's assertion that if the state stripped teachers of certain benefits like seniority, so should all EVSC employees. "Somehow he has in his mind that because the state terribly, terribly, terribly mistreated the teachers that it would somehow be fair if all employees were mistreated and then we would somehow have a sense of fairness."
Teamsters such as custodians and secretaries make up almost 20% of the EVSC's staff. It's summer and kids are not in school, but about 300 teamsters are still working in the EVSC. Even though the labor contract expired a week ago teamster employees still have a job and are still showing up to work. "We just don't have a labor agreement, but employees have the security of knowing that they have a position. They will continue to have a position so we will continue," said Dr. Smith.

School starts next month. Even if an agreement is not reached by then teamsters don't plan to strike. "We're not interested in striking. We're interested in getting an agreement," said Whobrey.

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