UPDATE: Female Body Found in Odon, Indiana Identified

Published 03/29 2014 10:16PM

Updated 03/30 2014 03:56PM

UPDATE 03-30-2014 03:51PM

The Daviess County Sheriff's Office confirms the body of 50-year-old Christina Martin was found lying outside an Odon hair salon.
Investigators say Martin lived about a mile away from the hair salon.      

Officials tell us no apparent foul play is suspected at this time.
An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

03-24-2014 10:16PM

Odon, Indiana is mainly a farming community where Christian morals provide a strong backbone. "It's pretty well a lot of Christian Amish community. It's a good place to raise kids," said an Odon resident. So when Daviess County Sheriff's Deputies discovered a woman lying next to a local hair salon it came as a shock to this quiet town. "I've never really heard of any trouble happening in Odon. We've been really happy since we moved here." This woman says does not want to be identified, but she lives near where the body was found. Her family is new to Odon and already she is starting to worry about her safety. "It really starts to make you think to lock your doors at night and make sure everything is secure.
It's not something that I every thought would happen in Odon."

An Odon resident says there is a lot of traffic through the parking lot where the body was found especially from kids driving around at night. "The kids sometimes cruise through there. You can hear them at all hours of the night with their radioes thumping. It's the teenage thing with their stereo up, but it's the turnaround spot when they cruise through."

Indiana State Police helped the Sheriff's Office with the crime scene. An ISP investigator says the woman was young and was found lying in a ditch. Which is a detail that makes this strange scenario difficult for neighbors to hear. "Who knows how long she was out there. It rained last night. It was cold. If she wasn't dead at the time who knows how long she suffered if there was suffering."

Investigators are calling the woman's death "suspicious." Her identity has not yet been released. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

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