UPDATE: Identities Released in WalMart Truck Crash

Published 03/05 2014 10:03PM

Updated 03/06 2014 04:39PM

Henderson, Ky.- Eyewitness News has learned the names of the people involved in Wednesday's crash at Henderson's Wal-Mart.

Henderson City Police say Lisa Powell, 44, of Morganfield, Ky was driving a Toyota Tundra when she, according to Police, suffered an unknown medical issue.

Powell told police she "blacked out."

Powell's Tundra slammed into two unoccupied, parked cars. The truck, undeterred, continued on to collide with a white car carrying two elderly people.

In that car were Strother and Lenora Roberts, both 75, of Henderson. Both were taken to Methodist Hospital to be treated for what police call non-life threatening injuries.

Police have not said if Powell, whose truck left a small hole in Wal-Mart's wall, will face any charges.


A truck slams into several cars before smashing into the side of Henderson's Walmart.

Henderson Police say a woman driving a Toyota Tundra told them she was backing out of her parking spot when she apparently blacked out.

The woman told police her foot must have hit the gas, and the truck then hit two unoccupied cars. The truck kept going and hit a car carrying two people. The truck came to a rest when it slammed into the side of Walmart, leaving a hole in the wall.

Henderson police confirm that one of the people in the car was hurt and taken to the hospital. We're told the driver of the truck had scraps and bruises but no serious injury.

We will continue to watch this story for updates.

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