Vanderburgh Sheriff Announces Retirement, Candidates Weigh In

Published 04/28 2014 10:27PM

Updated 04/28 2014 10:31PM

He will retire early, that's the surprise announcement from Vanderburgh County Sheriff Eric Williams. He will take off the badge within the next month. Williams was elected Sheriff in 2007. Williams says he plans to take the job as Director of Security with Old National Bank.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff, Eric Williams, says he will retire early. Today's announcement came about seven months before his second term as Sheriff was to expire. Williams is leaving his position effective May 23rd. In the meantime someone must take his place.

"Being the Chief Deputy, there is a possibly that I could take over as the Sheriff in his absence. This means you are now the leader of the agency, you are not second in command. I am ready to assume that role if they so chose to assign me to that role," says Chief Deputy Dave Wedding.

The Vanderburgh County Democratic Party has been notified of Williams' departure. They will now have to name Williams' successor. Democrat, Chief Deputy Dave Wedding, is currently running for the position of Sheriff. If he must fill the shoes as Sheriff, he says, it will not effect his campaign. "No, this is just a job. Its actually the job that I am running for, the title of Sheriff. Being the Sheriff just means that you will have that title under you as the election draws near," says Wedding.

"He still has to run against me and prove to the voters that he's qualified to be the next Sheriff." Wedding's republican opponent, Lieutenant Kirk Byram, says neither Williams' retirement, nor his opponent's chance of serving as Sheriff for the duration of the campaign, will have him changing his campaign strategy. "It makes no difference to my campaign. He is still the same person, we are still going to run the campaign the same way, we are not going to change anything. He still has to prove to the voters that he's most qualified to be the Sheriff."

Both candidates wish Williams the best as he ends his years as Vanderburgh County Sheriff. "He has given much more than an average Sheriff would to his community," says Wedding. "I wish Sheriff Eric Williams the best in his new job," says Byram.

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