Vendors Enjoy Last Day Surge at Super Flea Market

Published 05/04 2014 09:45PM

Updated 05/04 2014 10:16PM

        The parking lot was packed at the Super Flea Market and somehow it was even more packed inside as some search for a last minute deal and others just to say goodbye.
        Business has been so good the past week. Murry Morris jokes they should close the place down more often. "This has been a fantastic weekend. We need to have one every month. Closeout weekend every month." Morris has spent plenty of weekends roasting German nuts for customers. "This booth has been here for 20 years." But today will be the last day his booth fills the market with the enticing aroma of cinnamon and sugar. "It's kind of bittersweet, but you know how some things come to an end better things are in the future. That's just the way you look at it."
        On the other side of the market, for Delbert Fenwick, it's business as usual.

        "Yeah, these are 20 bucks."
        "Cutting about 15 on the big rugs over there."
        "We only got three of them left. I brung 20 of them in. There's only three left."
        "Those rugs over yonder is $45."
        "3X5's over there and they're $10."
        "Those are running 185. I dropped them to 170."
        Fenwick is an 18 year seasoned pro at the Super Flea Market. Most recently under the operation name 'Top Hat Rugs.' "I wore this hat out here about three years ago on Halloween and it just stuck. So I named the place 'Top Hat Rugs.'"

        Fenwick has made enough memories in this place he probably couldn't fit them all under his hat. Even though the surge in business this past week eases the burden of moving there is still an attachment to this place that will remain wherever he goes. "It's like leaving home. Been here 18 years. It's hard to leave."

        A few vendors say they are working on finding a venue to open another Super Flea Market. A specific site hasn't been picked however they were confident it would be in the Evansville area and possibly could open in the next three months.

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