Video Gaming Camp in River City Fosters Future Engineers

Published 06/24 2014 05:14PM

Updated 06/24 2014 06:04PM

Evansville, Ind. - Over-playing video games might be the source of argument in your house. Video games sometimes get a bad wrap for promoting violence and  adult themes. But, at EBASH's "Create and Play" Camp it's being used to promote a range of skills that campers can use later on in their careers.

Now that school's out some kids are either playing more video games or attending summer camp. At the camp these kids are doing both. Hadley Sheffer says, " I dont play very often but, its fun any way", she chuckles. Though the camp solely involves learning and creating video games  Sheffer says there's nothing trivial about it.

"Right now we are trying to remake a version of pac man. We have to program the coins so you can add up the points too, so everything on here has to be programmed little by little", she says.

The aspiring robotics engineer is one of two females at this week's camp. Sheffer feels it's an avenue to take control of her future. Many of the campers who also won scholarships to attend, agree.

Logan Schoonover says, "when I grow up, I've  always thought of engineering, designing video games, working for the big companies, so this is right up my alley."

The campers are learning everything from video game programing, to mobile design and animation. It's a concept that some might frown upon' given the perception that so many have about the gaming industry.

David Oneil is the Evansville EBASH Manager. Oneil says, "there may be that perception that games equals toys equals children, but these are experiences that they'll remember for their lives; they can use those skills for other businesses; other jobs."

Oneil also says this is a growing industry that these campers are tapping into.

"The gaming programmer is a career and programming in general is a huge market; so if they don't specifically go into video game design they could at least do something with their computer skills that their learning", he added.

"It similar to engineering because your using computers and if your going to become a computer engineer then this is probably the place to be and the way to go", added Hadley Sheffer.

The next camp will begin July 7th. For more information about the camp see this link.

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