Warrick County 4-H Fair Continues after $500,000 in Storm Damage

Published 07/14 2014 05:28PM

Updated 07/14 2014 05:35PM

Monday morning livestock descend on the Warrick County 4-H Center like Noah's Ark. Once again the fairgrounds are crawling with activity.

"It's fair time. We're back in the biz." Warrick County 4-H Board Member Jim Williams remembers two months ago when the fairgrounds looked more like a battlefield and Mother Nature won.

"It was crazy. We didn't think it was going to be that much damage." Jessie Pemberton has been coming to the Warrick County Fair all her life and has participated in animal shows. Including the horse show for nine years, but because the barn that once housed the horses was destroyed in the macroburst she and others will have to skip the horse show this year. "I know a lot more people would have shown, but I still feel like if you do show you're going to still get the experience. You're still going to have a great time because that's the point of it. Is being able to show and participate."

As far as the rest of the grounds it looks as good as new. Williams says it was a group effort to get the 4-H center ready in time for the fair. "We've had a lot of our board members step up. A lot of outside people that did it. Our contractors that got these jobs and did them. They knew we got time, time, time gotta do."

With their backs against the wall 4-H board members and the community were able to work fast to get the grounds ready in time and those who look forward to this event each summer appreciate the hard work. "I'm really surprised that they got it all cleaned up and ready to go as quick as they did," said Pemberton.

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