Warrick County 4-H Storm Damage

Published 05/16 2014 06:14PM

Updated 05/16 2014 06:22PM

        Any direction you look, damage from last Friday's storm can be seen at the 4-H grounds in Warrick county. One building that was hit especially hard was a horse barn that has been standing for nearly 50 years. 4-H Vice President Jim Williams says that a good portion of the roof was torn off and that the insurance adjuster says the building will have to be demolished. This is especially hard for Jim as he remembers working in that horse barn as a kid.

        Seventy-Five percent of the fence surrounding the grand stands is blown over and holes can be seen in siding from hail damage. Even the flag pole is slightly bent over, which Jim is surprised is still standing and not blown all the way over.

        Luckily the damage hasn't canceled the upcoming hog or car show. The damage didn't even prevent a wedding from occurring the day after the macro burst hit.

        Many people have volunteered to help clean up the mess across the fairgrounds once all the damage has been assessed. At this time, it is estimated the repairs will cost $400,000.

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