Week Ends In Arrests Involving Murder Investigation

Published 02/21 2014 10:11PM

Updated 02/21 2014 10:15PM

"There were three arrests made last night in the murder investigation," says Warrick County Sheriff Brett Kruse. Eyewitness News is following the murder investigation that has now yielded the arrests of three people in the killing of thirty-five year old Joseph Nelson.

Today a major step taken by Warrick County Sheriff's investigators in solving a case, but tonight there are still many unanswered questions. Among those questions, what was the motive for the killing, and what led to the arrests. After what Sheriff Kruse refers to as a 'long week,' the week ends with new developments in this murder investigation. Authorities may not have all of the answers, but they believe they are getting close.

"At least these three people have been arrested, and it's shed a little bit of light on the situation," says Warrick County Sheriff Brett Kruse. He says thirty year old David Lackey of Boonville, twenty-two year old Jade Stigall of Boonville, and twenty-five year old Shawn Grigsby of Evansville, have been arrested and face preliminary charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the death of thirty-five year old Joseph Nelson. Nelson's body was discovered earlier this week at Alcoa's power plant.

"We don't really know what brought him down here, or why he would be in the Evansville area," says Kruse. He adds, Nelson is from Martinsville, Indiana, but remains tightlipped about the relationship between the suspects and Nelson. "They were acquaintances is all that we really know at this point," the Sheriff says.

Sheriff Kruse will not reveal other details, "There is a whole lot of information that has been gathered that has to be looked at yet." Among those details, the cause of Nelson's death, and the case against the suspects. Kruse does says his deputies, and Vanderbugh County Sheriff's Deputies, are familiar with all three suspects.

In 2009, we reported an Evansville man shot at a home, one of those people was hit, in the get away. The other suspects ran over the man who was shot. Grigsby was convicted of being the get away driver in that case. He got out of prison December 31st in connection with that crime.

Just today, the other two suspects in the Nelson murder, David Lackey and Jade Stigall, appeared in court for an unrelated matter. They appeared in court for drug charges. "He was arrested, I think, today on drug related charges. Dealing in a controlled substance, and I think, a conspiracy account as well." Mark Phillips is Lackey's attorney on the unrelated drug charges, and joined Lackey during his court appearance today.

Phillips say he was not aware of the murder charges from the Sheriff's office. "The fact that this says David, and these other two people whom I don't know, have been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder were arrested on these charges, that's news to me," says Phillips.

Sheriff Kruse says footage at a variety of places around the Tristate played a helping factor in making these arrests.

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