Why is Ebola So Dangerous?

Published 08/01 2014 05:21PM

Updated 08/01 2014 05:53PM

        In recent months, the ebola virus has infected thousands of people and the virus is dangerous. Michele Daum from Deaconess hospital says that the mortality rate is around 90% and it's what the virus does that makes that rate so high. Daum says the virus affects the nervous system, the heart, lungs, and the vascular system, so individual can become very ill very quickly. Once someone contracts the virus, the options become very limited. Daum says there is no vaccine or antibiotic that someone can take that is going to treat this them and cure them.

        While there are no cases of ebola here at home, Daum says we should think outside the tristate because international travel opens up our areas for things from around the world, not just this virus, but many others as well. She also says if any type of serious virus, such as ebola, arrives in the tristate, Deconess is well prepared because they have several different areas in the hospital where their staff is able to isolate patients when they come in.

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