Witness Talks About Adam Hogan's Death at 'Double Dukes Saloon'

Published 03/04 2014 06:28PM

Updated 03/04 2014 06:40PM

As we reported last night on Eyewitness at 6 o'clock Henderson Police arrested Robert Brantley for the murder of Adam Hogan. Tonight Eyewitness News' Alex McBeath talks with a witness who says she saw everything, including the fight, and more.
The witness wants her identity concealed because she wasn't supposed to be in the Double Dukes Saloon Saturday night. She says she wasn't drinking and clearly remembers Hogan getting angry with the bartender, slamming his drink on the bar. "Splashes her, splashes me and we're standing there. I'm about to walk off. The bouncers come up and they're like 'sir you need to leave. You need to get out of my bar.'"
She says at first Hogan's girlfriend tried to get him to leave the bar quietly but he wouldn't budge. "His girlfriend was just screaming let's leave before you go to jail. We need to leave before you go to jail, and she just cold cocks him." She says Hogan became enraged when his girlfriend hit him and he grabbed a pool stick. That's when security surrounded him. "Justin was lying on his (Hogan's) back. Benji is kneeled down and of course Brantley's the one holding the baton back." She says the fight went on for a few minutes then security told everyone to leave the room. She says when she left Hogan was lying on the floor possibly unconscious. "We were pushed back in a corner again and it was still 20-30 minutes before we were even kicked out of the bar. There was no stretchers going up. There was no nothing going up to bring this man down that was dying."
According to court documents detectives say Hogan sustained "several injuries in the neck region that were consistent with strangulation." Those documents also show Brantley told first responders that he "put Hogan to sleep" during the altercation. It also says one video retrieved shows Brantley restraining Mr. Hogan by the neck or head region for over a minute and a half.
The witness says this was an unfortunate situation that could've simply been a bar fight, but instead one man is dead, and another is charged with murder.
Robert Brantley bonded out of jail today and is due in court tomorrow afternoon.

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