Castle's Stieler Knocks Out Lights

Published 04/28 2014 10:18PM

Updated 04/28 2014 10:36PM

        Castle's Allison Stieler came close to her first home run of the year in the Knights' April 24th matchup with Mater Dei. It turned into a long strike as her two-strike shot off Mater Dei ace Carolyn Wilmes curled foul, but it's what happened after the ball left the yard that made the story.
        "It was an inside pitch, and what you have to do with an inside pitch is just get after it," says Stieler. "I didn't even know I had put the lights out."
        Stieler's foul struck a switch-box that controls the stadium lighting, blanketing the field and fans in complete darkness.
        "Carolyn Wilmes is a great pitcher, so Allison hitting a ball that far is a remarkable feat unto itself," says head coach Pat Lockyear. "But for it to hit in that exact spot and put the lights out, that's never happened here and probably doesn't happen very much overall."
        The incident happened in the bottom of the fifth inning with one out, two outs away from the required five innings to constitute a completed game. So, had the lights not turned back on, it wouldn't have counted.  After a delay between 25-30 minutes, the lights came back on and the game resumed.  Mater Dei won the contest, but Allison heard plenty about her loud strike the next day at school.
        "The principal came over the intercom and said 'Congratulations to Miss Stieler for knocking out the lights," she says. "[He said] she won't have to pay any of the damages.
        Castle's softball lights seem to be working just fine, now. The Lady Knights have four remaining home games on the schedule.  Their next, however, is on the road Tuesday at Central.

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