Joey Chestnut Sets New World Record in Owensboro

At the International BBQ Festival you'll find plenty of people chowing down on festival food, but nobody eats quite like Joey Chestnut.

On Saturday, the top-ranked competitive eater in the world competed in a challenge he's never tried before: a mutton sandwich eating competition where contestants eat as many quarter-pound mutton sandwiches as they can in ten minutes. 

Chestnut, who is the reigning Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest champion, handled the challenge easily, tossing back 55 of the sandwiches to set a new world record. 

"The crowd was really pushing me to keep eating," Chestnut said after the competition. "I love coming out and seeing all the fans."

Before Saturday, he had never had mutton, but noted that the tasty flavor helped make the challenge much easier. Chestnut has won dozens of contests over the years, but is most well-known for his nine Nathan's Hot Dog Eating titles. 

Chestnut says he hopes to return to Owensboro next year to defend his title and set a new record.

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