Mustache Madness

Published 06/28 2014 07:54PM

Updated 06/28 2014 08:03PM

The competition out here at Victoria National is fierce, but a lot of these guys are preparing for a different sort of contest in two weeks.
These guys are out here trying to beat the field and the golf course with birdies, pars and a few eagles sprinkled in; the looks on their faces are full of determination and sometimes despair: but it's what is growing on their faces that really matters.

Lip sweater, snot mop, facial fur, call it what you will, mustaches are a mark of manliness.
"You gotta have some good testosterone to get a nice thick beard to start with. And I do travel with some clippers now and try and kind of keep it nice and tight."

"I don't know if it enhances my game. It enhances me. It enhances my confidence."

If that's the case, then confidence is on the rise on the tour as players prepare for a yearly mustache competition when the tour stops in Utah.
"Every year we get together and have a pool party and anyone with a beard or mustache or some kind of creation, they'll get voted on."

The what is simple; the how - that's the tricky part.
"I feed it. You've heard of Chia Pets? I'm going with Chia Chin. So it's a collection of, it's a special blend."

"There are always curls. Nitties won with one that kinda snaked around, it was real thin."

"These guys have dark thick facial hair and I'm just ginger red."

Some have more luck than others...
"You encourage them, you say 'Nice 'stache' looking dirty so the dirtier the better."

"I know I'm doing better than our media director Joe Chemeyz who we actually have to draw his mustache on him."
but one man was voted best consistent mustache on tour.

"Andres Gonzalez. His is pretty solid."

"He's kind of a given. He's kind of up here and we're all just trying to get to right here."

"I do not think I'll win it. I make it to the finals each year but nobody really allows me to win because I look like this all the time."

There's a reason Gonzalez is one of the few on tour that keep the face lace year around.
"It actually itches and it's a little hot."

"Totally aggravating. Scratchy, itchy."

But in the spirit of competition - and all in good fun - they'll suffer through some discomfort for the sake of the 'stache.'

I personally would have no shot at that competition... mine doesn't look real...... professional.... but these guys can pull it off... even if during the growing process they all hate their faces... except of course Andres Gonzalez.

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