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56 Years Later: Cold Case Remains Unsolved But Not Unnoticed

The case may have gone cold decades ago but investigators are still trying to figure out who murdered a local music star on this day 56 years ago.

His name is William "Curly" Shelton and he is best known for his 'Rockabilly' music style of the 1950's. He even had a popular country music show that aired on Saturday nights on WEHT-TV. Even though he was best known for being a 'ladies man' Shelton was a local legend. Perhaps that's why there still so much interest in his case that remains unsolved. It's one of the Commonwealth's coldest cases but investigators are still pleading for information.


Silent isn't the way Rockabilly star Curly Shelton lived his life, but perhaps it's the best way to define the decades following his death. It's been silent and cold for 56 years.

"When you have a case that has 50 plus years old, you really are limited in what avenues you can take because a lot of them are shut," said Kentucky State Police Trooper Corey King. "There are some things that -- looking back at this case --  policing and investigative skills aren't what they are today."

The murder of 33 year old Curly Shelton still remains open to this day. His murder was the subject of every headline and the subject of so many questions. Bludgeoned, bloodied and broken was Shelton's body as it lay in the front seat of his car when authorities found it on December 4th, 1957. A woman found Shelton's body and his vehicle behind the VFW Club, about three miles south of Henderson. Investigators  approximately three miles south of Henderson. Investigators believe someone beat Shelton to death with bare hands and fractured his leg and skull.

It's been 56 years, but still, there's nothing as to who murdered Curly Shelton and why.

Every case that is considered a cold case has been redirected to some new detectives that we have," Trooper King said. "Every case that we have open and available to us is being reviewed."

At Fernwood Cemetery in Henderson, on a makeshift bulletin board, bungie-corded to his headstone is a handwritten plea for something -- anything.

"No crime has gone unnoticed," Trooper King said. "Someone knows something and we're hopeful that someone here has some information and just hasn't come forward. We're hopefully that someone has that information or that piece that we need to solve this case and move us forward in it."

People move, witnesses die and memories fade. It may not define Curly Shelton's life but silence best describes the years after it ended.


If you have any information on this case, contact Kentucky State Police.


Reported By: Jordan Vandenberge


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