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Bicyclist Killed After Being Struck by SUV

A bicyclist is dead after being hit by an SUV in the latest accident in the Tri-State.
A bicyclist is dead after deputies say he was struck by an s-u-v in Vanderburgh County.

It happened around 10:30 AM at the intersection of St. Joseph Avenue and Adler Road. Deputies say the driver of the SUV was going south on St. Joe when it hit the biker, who died at the scene.

It's the latest accident in the Tri-State this holiday weekend. For some, there have been too many.

For more than a month, the highway's been a second home for Greg Nichols.

"I'm moving to Illinois," he says
While traveling to his new home -- he says he's seen his fair share of distracted and reckless drivers, and accidents.

"It's kind of sad because people just kind of zip up, do a lot of lane changing, and, kind of, speeding up through here."

The holiday weekend is just beginning, but many Tri-Staters have already noticed more than one or two accidents. In Evansville, a bicyclist is killed after being hit Saturday morning on Saint Joseph Avenue. Another driver dies on U.S. 41 just south of Hillsdale Road. Three cars collide on I-164. A motorcycle loses control on South Green River Road. All of these since Friday. Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Deputy Sgt. Matt Corn says the causes of these accidents vary, but increased traffic can dramatically increase the number of accidents.

"Whenever you got more traffic on the roadway, and people are hungry to get to places, that's when accidents start happening," he says.

It's a concerning trend that leaves some drivers, like Nichols, proceeding with a heightened level of caution.

"There's no need in driving 85 to 90 miles an hour in a 65 to 70 mile an hour zone," Nichols says.

The name of the biker killed this morning hasn't been released yet.
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