Blue Bridge Open for Traffic

It's the first day in six months drivers can use the Blue Bridge in Owensboro.
The Glover Cary Bridge is once again getting drivers to and from Owensboro and Spencer County, Indiana. The barricades came down at 11:15 AM.

You can say the bridge's re-opening came at the right time, especially for western Kentucky residents heading to family and friends in places like Reo or Boonville. They now save several minutes on their drive time. It's also saving them from another headache for the holidays.

Most drivers don't look forward to traffic.

But Ashley Fitzgerald and Lauren Byers of Rivers Edge Tobacco Outlet are glad it's back.

"It's a big relief," Fitzgerald says. They're glad the cars are back, and so are their customers.

"We've had a few of our old customers stop in and say, 'We can't wait for the bridge to come back open so we can shop here,'" says Byers.

Byers says her business lost nearly 30% of its customers, many from across the river, while the bridge was being re-painted for six months.

"For this month, we're down at least $40,000 compared to what we were last year at this time, when business was regular," she says.

"The front door to Owensboro from Indiana has been painted," says Wesley Dunn of First Baptist Church in Owensboro. For him, and some members of the church, they're glad to be able to drive through the city's front door again.

"The folks that I know who live across the river were blessed that they had a great attitude about it, but they had an inconvenience."

He says the re-opening will help downtown's development, and save travel time, even if they have to deal with the extra traffic.

"My mother and father-in-law live in Lynnville. So, for Thanksgiving, as of tonight, we'll be heading over there, and it's a much easier drive when we're able to use the bridge," he says. "I think it looks excellent."
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