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Both Sides Speak Out Over Representative Ben Waide's Lawsuit

Both Sides Speak Out Over Representative Ben Waide's Lawsuit
We continue to follow developments in the lawsuit filed against Kentucky State Representative, Ben Waide.

Partners at this Western kentucky rehabilitation center continue to dispute. Kentucky State Representative, Ben Waide, founded Liberty Rehabilitation in Madisonville, Kentucky. He works alongside two other shareholders, Lawrence Holmes and Jason Myers. The two men filed a lawsuit against Waide claiming he misused company funds, and the damage could reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"This business had accounting and legal oversight for the seven years it was in business," says Waide's attorney Todd P'Pool. He says the allegations are false. "They took what is a general business dispute, and they have made it very political, political theater, to attack the character of Representative Waide."

Inside the complaint are numerous accusations Waide illegally used company cash to buy campaign ads, to personal expenses like massages and baseball tickets. It also claims he charged the company for gas, to and from legislative meetings, then pocketed any reimbursement from the state.

P'Pool disputes that saying Waide used his own personal credit card, and his partners are trying to embarrass him. "It's my belief that most of those expenses, if not all attached to that complaint, are with a personal credit card," says P'Pool.

"It makes no difference if it was a personal card, or a company card. It makes no difference. All that matters is who's paying that bill, period. In this instance, Liberty has been paying the bill," says John Whitfield. Whitfield is the attorney who filed the suit on behalf of Waide's business partners. "We found that out by looking at checks, looking at different types of expounders that his campaigning utilized. We were able to match those together, and figure out that Liberty Rehabilitation was actually, by and through mister Waide, paying for those things," says Whitfield.

Whitfield says it's not about politics. "It's about accountability of a partner in a firm to his other partners. If he does things that are improper, then he needs to be accountable for it. That's all this is about. They can say politics all day long," says Whitfield.

Both attorneys say their clients met a few weeks ago to try and come to some sort of a resolution, but nothing was accomplished. Attorney Whitfield says his clients Waide to admit the allegations and pay back the funds.




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